Eliminate friction for customers and suppliers at every touchpoint with your business!

Leave behind legacy paper processes and move into the future by transforming paper processes into fast, reliable digital processes. Free up your customers, suppliers, and employees from slow debilitating administrative red-tape, data capture, filing and storage.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to implement Digitisation.

The benefits of Digitisation in your business

Reduce friction for the form filler

Enables remote workforce collaboration

Faster turnaround on the return of documentation

Easier data capture in your business

Reduced error rate in database

Faster sales cycles

 Automated workflow

Improved turnaround times in service delivery

Digitisation is not a digital transformation.  It is a very necessary first step towards the digital transformation journey. Digitisation may make use of technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), digitising forms and workflows, automating processes and data capture between systems.

We follow three simple and easy steps to determine how Digitisation can be utilized to improve how your business operates.

We look at your customer journey and associated operating model to see where archaic paper-based processes can be digitally transformed.

We determine the level of automation that is fit for purpose to remove maximum friction – form only or form and workflow automation.

We digitise the form and automate the workflow. Your employees and customers start engaging in an electronic format and feeling the effects of less friction and more time.