We’ll get your Blitz-Bot™ ready for work within 4 weeks!

Making the courageous decision to deploy automation technology that enhances, augments and supports your people is a bold move. Launch your company into the 4th Industrial Revolution with an experienced team.

We have pioneered a unique approach to unleash RPA, founded on two core principles:

Time to work is fast. We commit to having a fully functional Blitz-Bot™ working for your organization within 4 weeks of starting our Discovery phase?

Affordability. Our unique pricing model lowers this significant barrier to entry which makes our Blitz-Bot™ a very attractive offering.

 Discovery + Outcomes Sign-off

During the Discovery stage, Torch Solutioneers™ will work to achieve two critical milestones, they are:

  • Define the required outcome which will measure the success of the project.
  • Understand the current people-actions in place that achieve the outcomes.

 Design and Development

The Design and Development stage is where the Blitz-Bot™ is designed for performance and efficiency and built to perform the task(s) that will achieve the outcomes defined in the Discovery.


The Customer Blitz-Bot™ is officially ready to work. Users are trained in their role on how to interact with the Blitz-Bot™ and start benefiting from working with RPA.


This is an on-going support function provided to the Customer for as long as the Blitz-Bot™ remains in use. The Customer will be provided with a helpline for support queries.