We’ll get your Bot ready for work within 4 weeks!

With our RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) model any company, no matter the size, can have their processes automated by a custom-built Bot.  Solutioneers™ have removed the major barriers to benefiting from the automation journey, such as license costs, developer skills, infrastructure, and time.

We have pioneered a unique 4 phase approach to RPAaaS founded on 2 core principles:

Results Driven Efficiency
Our team of certified Business Analysts, Developers, and Solution Architects will work with your team to document and design the best process to achieve maximum results for efficiency and accuracy within 4 weeks of the design sign-off.

Flexible Affordability
Our cloud-based solution is license free, contracted month to month and our pricing is consumption based, i.e. you only pay for as much time as your Bot used.  If it ever gets to the point where organisation requires scale and transitions over to your own infrastructure, we will facilitate all of that and transfer your Bot over to you.

 Discovery and Objectives Sign-off

During the Discovery stage, Torch Solutioneers™ will work to achieve two critical milestones, they are:

  • Define the required business outcomes which will measure the success of the project.
  • Understand the current process(es) in place that achieve the necessary outputs.

 Design and Development

The Design and Development stage is where the Bot is designed for performance and efficiency and built to perform the task(s) that will achieve the outcomes defined in the Discovery.


The Customer Bot is officially ready to work. Users are trained in their role on how to interact with the Bot and start benefiting from working with RPA.


This is an on-going support function provided to the Customer for as long as the Bot remains in use. The Customer will be provided with a helpline for support queries.