What is Solutioneering?

Torch Solutioneering is our framework based on LEAN principles through which we assist organizations to take advantage of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Solutioneers TM create value by solving problems that are difficult to define, don’t fit neatly into an allocated department or require specialist subject matter expertise; basically, to significantly impact business growth.

What are LEAN principles?

“Lean is both a philosophy and a discipline which, at its core, increases access to information to ensure responsible decision making in the service of creating customer value.”

– Jim Benson, Modus Cooperandi

 The Solutioneers™ approach focusses on maximising the value created for you, the customer, and eliminating waste by optimising the effort and energy of your organisation.   Typically, conventional consulting can be heavy on organisational resources (money and time) and light on practical actionable insights that are not readily adopted by the organisations employees who felt isolated from “the project”.

Our facilitated approach and custom designed frameworks show respect for your people and brings the Organisation along on the continuous improvement journey. This ensures sustainable employee engagement during the implementation of new strategies, leaving you with a healthier, more resilient, organisation in a shorter timeframe.

 Why is it important to my business?

Customers are engaging with the new technological advances individually faster than Organisations can investigate, design and roll them out. The complexity of the digital landscape has never before been as fast or full of technological advancements as we are currently experiencing. The ecosystem is complex, fast moving, and evolving into territories never before explored, and with such a backdrop comes risk but also, incredible opportunity. Frankly, it can be daunting.

It seems that finding good comparisons to relate to what we are experiencing with digital transformation is not so easy, but we like to compare it to the discovery of atomic and nuclear power. The scientific knowledge gained during the discovery process of these sciences, along with their applications and benefits to society have been incredible, tempered only by the absolute power of destruction that accompany these technologies. Is it possible that the 4th Industrial Revolution carries the same benefit and risk model?

Where does that leave businesses and organisations?

Organisations and businesses that figure out how to leverage the new technologies to disrupt the customer value chain and create customer value, will gain the competitive advantage and those who remain set in their ways, open themselves up to disruption and ultimately a declining share of the customer pie.

 Why Torch Solutioneering?

Torch is not a new start-up. We are a well-established business with over 15 years consulting, advisory, change management, data science and analytics experience. Solving customer problems and delivering a result is in our DNA.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a natural extension of the development and adaption for our tried and tested approach methodologies. Torch Solutioneers™ are a rare breed – skilled problem solvers, business analysts, project managers, data scientists and engineers sometimes all within one human being.

For further information about Torch and our history, please visit www.torch.co.za.

 How much does it cost?

Pricing a Solutioneers™ engagement is not a one-size-fits all. Desired Outcome (Value) will determine the pricing schedule. This is the approach that encourages and supports Customers and Torch to partner successfully on challenging projects.